Guided Tours

If you are interested in our guided tours, check out some of the details below.


Request a Tour

To request a guided group tour of the Civil Rights Trail for groups of 10 to 20 people, please complete this form. Donations of any amount are welcome.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, but the Foundation does accept donations at all levels to help defray the expenses of the tour guide and the bus.

No more than 20; however, we can take a charter bus or your own bus, if you have one.

There are two or three stops where the attendees will get off the bus for a brief walk to a marker and/or memorial. Most will be on level sidewalks, but one stop will involve walking on grass and a gravel pathway.

An abbreviated guided tour lasts approximately 90 minutes. Your tour, however, can be tailored based on how much time your group has available, whether more or less than 90 minutes.

The guided tours are given by members of the Tuscaloosa Civil Rights History and Reconciliation Foundation and trained tour guides. If time allows, foot soldiers and/or activists of the Civil Rights Movement will be made available at certain stops on the Trail to give their first-hand accounts.

Yes, a Trail guidebook with a map will be given to each participant. The guidebook has detailed information for each stop on the Trail.

For individuals or small groups, we invite you to view our Trail page for a self-guided tour. You may also pick up a printed copy at the Tuscaloosa Tourism and Sports Office.

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