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Please note: Guided tours are temporarily on hiatus. 

Save the date: September 13, 2024 2nd Annual Uplift Awards

Tuscaloosa Civil Rights History Trail

“If you cannot march, you can make sand­wiches. If you cannot make sandwiches, you can drive your car. If you cannot drive, you can help with office work. Everybody can do something. WHAT WILL YOU DO TO HELP US WIN FREEDOM?” This is the story of ordinary citizens taking extraordinary action in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.


Self-Guided Tour

June 10, 2019, we officially opened the Tuscaloosa Civil Rights History Trail. The Trail is a self-guided tour in downtown Tuscaloosa with eighteen different stops. Guided group tours are also available. For more information, read about the different stops shown below. We hope to see you all visiting soon.

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