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Tuscaloosa Community Healing, Unity, and Reconciliation


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In 2016 the Tuscaloosa Civil Rights History Task Force (TCRHTF) was created to bring about positive change and reconciliation through collecting, preserving, and telling the stories of the important struggle for civil rights in Tuscaloosa.  As part of fulfilling that mission the Reconciliation Leadership Team (RLT) was organized and a community reconciliation initiative has begun.  This initiative, led by the RLT, will be going on over the next 12-15 months with the guidance of Dr. Jennifer Stollman with J.A. Stollman Consulting, LLC.

A diverse group of local individuals have been trained to serve as facilitators in this reconciliation process using a model called The Mosaic Process.  The Mosaic Process aims to provide racial reconciliation through historical and contemporary awareness.  It relies on effective community trust building by adopting a self-reflective approach.  The facilitators will guide groups of diverse individuals formed into discreet reconciliation circles (10-15 people) who will meet monthly over the next 12-15 months in various locations throughout the Tuscaloosa community.

The purpose of the Mosaic Process is:

  1. To build a strong and trusting community that is able to navigate racial conflict and events
  2. To educate the community on racial history and the impact of racism
  3. To bring about tangible, sustainable, positive change in the community that leads to further change.

There are four phases to the Mosaic Process.  At the end of phase three each reconciliation circle will decide on a project that will contribute to the furtherance of reconciliation in our community, and that project will be completed in phase four.  These projects are expected to be ongoing and sustainable in the Tuscaloosa community.

The RLT is currently enrolling participants for the reconciliation circles.  All people with a desire to see community healing, unity, and reconciliation are welcome.

The commitment for being a reconciliation circle member is to:

  1. Participate in monthly 90 minute reconciliation circle meetings
  2. Participate in a one-time 2.5 day retreat (overnight) during phase II of the Mosaic Process (dates to be determined)
  3. Be actively engaged in the completion of their reconciliation circle’s self-chosen community project

How do I enroll? Fill out a sign-up sheet and return it to John Cormier per the instructions on the sign-up sheet & Expect to Attend our big kickoff for reconciliation circles on Monday, July 16th at 6pm at the Tuscaloosa Public Library (Jack Warner Parkway) in Rotary Room.

We are especially interested in increasing  our number of reconciliation circle members who are under the age of 30, however all ages are welcome (High School Seniors and Older)

If you have any questions regarding how to sign up or about the process itself, please call Ms. Theresa Davis at 205-240-8320 or Mr. John Cormier at 205-792-2972.

Invite other interested persons to visit  this website :

We Need You!  Let’s Move Ahead!  Build Trust!  Tell Your Own Story & Listen to Others!

Together Let’s Create Sustainable Projects & Relationships that Become a

LIFESTYLE  of Reconciliation and Positive Change for our  Tuscaloosa Community!


Introduction to the Mosaic Process:

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