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Linton Barbershop Inventory

With the passing of Rev. Thomas Linton in 2020, the City of Tuscaloosa acquired the property from his family. Planning for a museum at this location, the Foundation and the City cleared out the contents of the barbershop in order to allow building repairs. This project aims to accession, briefly describe, and repackage the materials–from framed posters and photographs to barber chairs and equipment. This project has entailed developing appropriate procedures for the process, soliciting volunteers to process the materials and repackage them in appropriate containers. 

Special thanks go to Drs. Bill Bomar and Robert Riter for assisting in the planning of the project and to Aliya Jaramillo, Jon Miller, Cody Preston, Laura Stewart, LaTonya Taylor, Kevin Thompson, Valarie Wilson, and Olivia Womack for making it happen.


Rev. Linton
Rev. Linton by the trail sign outside his barbershop
Unprocessed storage area
unprocessed materials room
Unprocessed storage area
unprocessed storage
Unprocessed storage area
Empty storage room
Unprocessed storage area

On Tuesday, August 9, 2022, at 3:59 pm, item LB-002470 was processed thus completing the Linton Barbershop Inventory Project. In addition, there are 60 furniture items that have been processed. There may be a few additional items once we complete a formal review.

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