About Us

About us

Mission & Purpose

Civil Rights History & Reconciliation

The Tuscaloosa Civil Rights History & Reconciliation Foundation seeks to bring about positive change and reconciliation through collecting, preserving, and telling the stories of the important struggle for civil rights in Tuscaloosa.

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Civil Rights Tourism

Tuscaloosa will become an important tourist destination for civil rights history through the implementation of a civil rights trail, museum, and other resources recognizing historical honesty as a vital companion to economic, moral, and intellectual prosperity.

To that end we shall work to:

  • Establish a Civil Rights Trail for the city and environs;
  • Place Tuscaloosa on the Alabama Civil Rights Trail;
  • Locate markers in appropriate, significant areas;
  • Offer tours of these locations;
  • Collect artifacts and memorabilia (or digital representations) for the purposes of preservation and exhibition;
  • Provide opportunities for community events;
  • Plan for an eventual Tuscaloosa Civil Rights Museum.

This community endeavor includes Tuscaloosa area citizens who experienced and participated in the events of “Bloody Tuesday”, leaders within the community, and faculty and staff and students from Stillman College and the University of Alabama.

Foundation Board Members

  • Co-President: Tim Lewis
  • Co-President: Scott Bridges
  • Corresponding Secretary: Ken Dunivant
  • Recording Secretary: Rebecca Minder
  • Treasurer: Samyra Snoddy
  • William Bomar
  • Bill Buchanan
  • John Giggie
  • Charles Nash
  • Danny Steele
  • Thaddeus Steele
  • Christine Taylor
  • Harrison Taylor
  • Ken Walker
  • Willie Wells
  • Tom Wilson
“truly the most important thing you can do with your time while in Tuscaloosa”
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