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If you are interested in joining the Task Force, please review the committees listed below and email us at TCRTF[at] with your contact information and committee preference; someone from your requested committee will contact you.

Community Organizing


  • Willie Wells
  • Tonyia Tidline


  1. Provide data for community baseline on knowledge of the proposed civil rights trail.
  2. Recommend possible avenues for cultivating respectful relationships that lead to racial reconciliation.

Members: Mary Jolley, Danny Steele, and Katherine Edge

Public Programming


  • Scott Bridges
  • Stacy Jones

Purpose: Identify and facilitate events sponsored by the Tuscaloosa Civil Rights Task Force.

Members: Bill Bomar, Carlton McHargh, and Gina Simpson

Archiving and Collections


  • Tom Wilson
  • Robert Heath


  1. Provide formal means for collecting and archiving civil rights materials.
  2. Prepare for Day of Collection in March 2017.

Public Relations, Media, and Technology


  • Tina Jones
  • Rebecca Minder

Purpose: Facilitate the development/distribution of information to the public regarding events and other activities of the Tuscaloosa Civil Rights Task Force.

Member: Tim Lewis

Grants and Resources


  • Bill Bomar
  • Tina Jones

Purpose: Coordinate with City of Tuscaloosa to implement the National Park Service grant and identify additional resources necessary to facilitate the work of the Task Force, including fund-raising and grants.

Civil Rights Trail and Education


  • Hilary Green
  • John Giggie
  1. Purpose: Identify sites for initial inclusion on ht e civil rights trail.
  2. Prepare appropriate historic materials to support each site.
  3. Develop relationships with educators at all levels to participate in learning activities regarding the civil rights trail.



  • Tim Lewis
  • Mary Jolley
  • Brittain Evans

Purpose: Provide vision and action time line to support the mission of the Task Force.

Community Leadership


  • Harrison Taylor
  • Steve Katsinas
  • Scott Bridges
  • Mary Jolley

Purpose: Develop and engage community leaders in support of the Tuscaloosa Civil Rights Trail.

Business Plan


  • Samyra Snoddy

Purpose: Prepare first stage business plan for Tuscaloosa Civil Rights Task Force. Due May 1, 2017.